DaHae’s second attempt but DW still looks after her. Aawweee <3

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Da Hae about to spill out some Dongwook insights. HAHAHAHHA!

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SBS Roommate House on the Sims 3







Hey guys! I have created the house on Roommate! It was a huge project but I finished it in a week! A new record! :D

This house is a decent replica of the home used by the cast of the 11 members. I added my own little twist with decorating, wall adjustments, and color…

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By all means ladies, fight over Kang Joon. This one is mine.

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mama’s boy lee dong wook trying to convince his mother to let him leave to participate in ‘roommate’

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puppyeol getting surprised by dongwook hyung

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Chanyeol getting butterflies from Dong Wook 
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lee dongwook who acted as a hotel manager + seo kangjoon who acted as a company executive = the flower fool brothers

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classic taohun

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baekhyun as maleficent ..chanyeol as diaval 😄😄😄

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